15 meter High SWR faults .. fixed
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Posted Saturday, April 19, 2008 6:03 PM
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For some time PSDR has been giving indications of HIGH SWR on 15 meter band even though external indications were < 1.5: 1. These occurred on voice peaks, or High output CW (tune) > 80 watts. Readings were normal a low power and then suddenly indications of High SWR and several hundred watts output on PSDR with normal readings on external meter.
After some debugging I discovered the that the readings were caused by RF pickup on the digital line running between the PA and the TRX board. This signal is routed in a multiconductor shielded cable between the PA and the RFE board and then a single unshielded wire from the RFE board (J3) to the TRX board. Replacing the unshielded wire with a shielded wire grounded at the RFE J3 connector solved my problem.

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