No Transmit Power out Flex 1500 Intermittant
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Posted Sunday, August 25, 2013 10:16 PM
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I've had my Flex 1500 maybe 4 months. At first rarely, but now every day I'll be in mid QSO and the RF output suddenly just disappears.
Cold shutting down the radio and uplugging, unplugging all the cables, cold rebooting my computer don't help. Factory reset of database doesn't help. Leaving it un plugged all night has helped. This now happens almost every day. Hope it works tomorrow.

The driver bar is up. The Xmit indicator shows the same as the power bar. I use it in CW. I can key it and hear the side tone.
Receiver works fine. But Xmit just disappears and nothing brings it back except leaving it unplugged overnight.

Any explanations or solutions?
Thanks KE6GG.
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