new flex-1500 user with strange problem
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Posted Wednesday, August 14, 2013 6:05 AM
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Hi folks, new here, I'm Peter pd0pha from Holland

After a looong time of searching, all kinds of softrock experiments i stumbled on a used flex1500
qrp was already one of my favourites, i was convinced of the SDR rx capabilities so easy choice for me.

Yes, but .....

After a lot of reading, some days of extensive Rx'ing, many many hours is solitary confinement behind a screen wit a small box with a rather bright blue led on it. I was able to get some rrf out even .. yeah. I even managed to configure some virtual-com and virtual audio (vbcable) connections, and my old companion Fldigi was capable of decoding and with some more tweaking also tx'íng, so i made my first steps in Digital-qrp with the flex 1500, great .

Lastnight i managed to make a transatlantic cw qso, 2 watt rf on twenty great work, felt like Marconi (i guess, never met this man )

But II

This morning i saw some interresting cw activity on 20 when i woke up, so catched a large mug of coffee and into the shack i went, fired up the Pc, Flex and then .. Yo whats that ..

It seems that my VAC connection output levels went skyhigh, all the apps ive used to decode some digital stuff block completely, or start yelling overload (hrd5-dm780). I did not change anything, maybe Bill did something he did not ask my permission for i just dont know.
Or there has been some setting change i made yesterday which did not got stored just no idea..

Flex 1500 <> Vbcable-virtualaudio <> HRD5-dm780 (or fldigi, same problems)
(audio overload, it seems here )

All running on: Windows7 64 bit, latest fixes according to Redmond call home features.

I know everyone is using VAC, but hey, we make expirimental radio dont we ?
info- is the source of them

Main problem is i can't solder a resistor into a virtual audio cable, my box with virtual resistors is empty. (and yes i did try to turn down all the volume sliders who are involved as far as i know with no positive result .. )

Anyone who has a clue what goes wrong here or how to fix and save that working state ?

I really love this nice brick, could be my Volvo addiction, but it shurely requires a lot of knowledge to get it working / keeping it that way ..

Flex-1500, Homebrew Hy-Endfed, QRP addict
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Posted Monday, September 16, 2013 1:55 AM
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Hallo Peter,
I think the problem is more with microsoft's OS than the FLEX1500. I suggest you check that all functions such as sleep mode, hd sleep and so on are turned off or disabled. Microsoft has some funny quirks regarding drivers and such like. Disabling the auto update driver update feature may also help.

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