Flex 3000 - 160m CW contest setup
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Posted Tuesday, June 18, 2013 4:19 AM
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Hi, got my hands on a flex 3000 and asses now the possibility if this radio would suite my needs for serious 160mtrs CW contest operation.

1. Has anyone used this radio in 160mtrs contest operation ? Previously we used FT1000MP, would it be same/better RX performance ?
2. Trying to set it up with N1MM logger. I think best is to have 2 PC's (performance wise), one running flex 3000 and other one running n1mmlogger . CAT connection via null modem cable and RS232 ports. Is this a valid setup ?
3. Trying to use also the USB Travelmate tuning knob. If I am not mistaken this will control flexradio also via CAT. Because I already need CAT for n1mmlogger control will that work ? (2 CAT's fighting for control....) even with some virtual port splitter application ?

Sorry for these newbie questions, but searched the archives and didn't find anything useful :-)

Thanks in advance,

Carel, pc5m

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