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Posted Sunday, June 2, 2013 8:44 AM
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Have asked this also in the german Flexradio forum but no responde.

I have buyed a USB PC Headset to work with the Flex. All Signals from and to the headset are o.K and it has a great Audio. But there is a latancy Problem. Not a big Problem in SSB but if i try CW and use the Headset there is a difference between the monitor tone from the transceiver and the monitor tone wich comes over the headset. Have installed Asio4all drivers and using Windows WDM-KS in the PSDR setup that i cane use Lateny < 120 ... 0 is the lowest latency but it´s to high for using CW. I have problems with clean CW when the tone comes later than the paddleaction.

Anybody a USB headset at work and have an idea how to eleminate those latency ????

Call: DF5WW (Class A) ... OP: Juergen (Joe) .... Rig: Only QRP with Flex 1,5k and 2 x 25 m folded doublet with balance feedline for all bands (under the roof). Also a 10,3 m Quadloop for 10 and 6 ... feeded with ladderline too and also under the roof.
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