Really cool with Elecraft XV144 and Flex 1500
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Posted Sunday, February 24, 2013 10:01 PM
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Well, after playing with my XV144 transverter for a day or so now I am really happy with it. It works out well using the PSDR memory channels. I can program in several local 2mtr FM Repeater frequencies, digital freqs, SSB freqs, and others and switch modes, freqs, and do it all with ONE click on the memory channel.

Really cool stuff. I was listening to 2 SSB guys on 144.190 - one about 200 miles away and the other about 50 miles away. I had a local digital net (FM digital on 145.23 repeater) I had to switch to, and just clicked on the memory channel and voila! I'm there in the right mode with everything ready to rock and roll. After the net I clicked on my 144.150 memory channel and was on freq - ready to put out calls on DIGU (upper sideband) Olivia 16/500.

using different profiles and the built in PSDR memory channels really is nice. And the way PSDR, the Flex 1500, and the transverter work with each other is really nifty. I can switch seamlessly from 2mtr to any HF band without fiddling with bunches of settings or antenna switches, etc.

Anyhow, getting good output from XV144 and recommend it to anyone who wants to put their 1500 on 2 meters. Now, I am NOT a moon bouncer or satellite operator but for 2 meter FM, SSB, and soundcard digital they work well together. And it does take some work to set it all up - BUT it is well worth it.

---Gary WB8ROL

--Gary WB8ROL
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