Elecraft XV144 up and running
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Posted Sunday, February 24, 2013 12:52 AM
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Well, I was busy all day but when I got home I found FedEx had delivered my 'new' (used - bought on ebay) XV144 transverter. I got it all set up eventually with correct jumpers, connectors, etc.

And it works BUT not a whole lot on 2mtrs this late to tell how well.

I set it up so 1 milliwatt is supposed to drive it to the recommended output of 20w. But I am a little confused. I seem to ONLY be able to set the Drive slider on PSDR 2.5.3 to about 3 to get the lights on the XV144 to "max" out at 20 watts. Or at least IF you can believe the lights which have the wattage above them.

I don't have a VHF watt meter to see what it is really getting but may borrow one.

I thought the Flex, via the transverter connectors (I'm using XVTX/COM) would only do a MAX of 1 milliwatt. Is that really the case? If so, shouldn't that be at 100 on the drive slider - not 3 as mine indicates? (again IF I can believe the lights on the XV144 are anywhere close to being accurate)

Anyone else out there using a XV144 with their Flex 1500 ??? Sure would like to know where they set their drive slider at - to drive the transverter.

Anyhow, it is working. I did have a nice FM repeater QSO with it. Sig was good into the repeater, good audio, full quieting. But just NOT sure what kind of power it's really putting out driving it at the 1500 drive slider setting of 3.

Will investigate further and see if I can borrow a watt meter BUT would really appreciate any comments from others here on the forum.

---Gary WB8ROL

--Gary WB8ROL
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