After 2 1/2 years with my Flex 1500
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Posted Friday, February 22, 2013 1:02 PM
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This coming July will be my 3rd "anniversary" since I put my Flex 1500 on the air.

The hardware has ran trouble free for me from day 1 and still ZERO problems.

The software has gotten better and better and better. All in all PSDR has been pretty solid with this rig with VERY few problems encountered. I have used it with Windows XP and the last year or so with Windows 7. And, BTW, the trackable notch filters added this last year were a MARVELOUS gift.

However, it would be nice if Flex supported smaller screens like netbooks and tablets better - though as a programmer I can also understand why that could involve a LOT of work. Otherwise, no major complaints from me about PSDR or running it on Windows XP and 7. I have Windows 8 on dual boot BUT just have NOT got around to even trying PSDR on it yet since I don't really trust Windows 8 for anything yet hihi

I still love my 1500. Would not trade it OR get rid of it - EXCEPT possibly if I could afford one of the OTHER NEW high priced flex rigs hihi.

I have had few problems with running the 1500. Of course, I am a real computer NERD and programmer so I am at ease with computers and computer related technology. Reading some of the problems that other people have had, I realize that many hams that are ill at ease with computers may prefer the "analog" way.

And I don't really do much CW. And when I do, it is with a straight key - so I never ran into any latency problem with that mode that some folks have.

I primarily run digital modes AND HAVE had a few latency problems with a few (but not all) ARQ digi modes. Such is life and in the grand scheme of things ARQ modes are not of great interest to me.

So after 2 1/2 yrs and over 1000 digi QSO's (mostly on Olivia and Contestia modes ragchewing) I still enjoy and love my 1500. I would not willing ever go back to analog rigs - except possibly for mobile operation, though I haven't done any of that on HF since the 1970's.

I think anyone who is seriously into more modern technology would really love this radio. And anyone seriously into soundcard digital modes would love it also.

Thanks again Flex for a great radio and making me continue to enjoy the hobby of ham radio after almost 50 years!

---Gary WB8ROL

--Gary WB8ROL
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