Okay, I'm convinced :).
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Posted Wednesday, January 23, 2013 12:56 AM
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I first tried a Flex 1500 about a year ago. Worked okay but had a couple of annoying problems such as random white noise which would wipe out incoming signals and lock up PowerSDR. Another problem was no TX audio muting when using internal VAC. Lastly, my particular unit had a small but important hardware issue - the power switch didn't always physically latch on correctly and so would pop out at random, turning the radio off!

So about 6 months ago I sold the 1500. a few months later I realized how much I missed it despite the problems. So as luck should have it, I came across a good deal on another Flex 1500 and decided to try again.

This new (to me) unit works great! All previous problems are GONE! YAY!!. Using the exact same computer with both radios so it wasn't that.

I later read somewhere that some early production Flex 1500 units suffered from the random white noise issue and that a firmware upgrade could cure the problem.

Also, PowerSDR has gone through a version upgrade since I first tried, and this cured the TX audio muting problem.

So now that my Flex 1500 is working as it should, I'm very pleased . My friends are mostly using late 1980s and early 1990s era analog radios and swear that their radios are still the best ever. But while they are busy tuning their VFOs back and forth in search of blank frequencies, I'm already there because I can SEE the signals. And while my friends are busy with their filters, IF shift & PBT controls trying to eliminate interference, I'm already there because I have infinitely variable visually interactive brick-wall filtering and bandwidth adjustments. And while some of my friends are endlessly changing microphones and audio equipment in search of great TX audio, I'm already there with a few EQ & ALC tweaks. And each new TX audio profile doesn't cost money. So yep, works for me.
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