PowerSDR freezes with iMac + Windows 7 via Boot Camp [SOLVED]
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Posted Friday, December 14, 2012 7:21 PM
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Just adding this post to leave a register for this problem and the solution in case someone have this very peculiar combination of hardware and software. In reality this subject was discussed in another topic started with another subject and can be overlooked by the title.

The problem:

PowerSDR freezes all the time if just listening, if talking/listening a lot less.

This problem drove me crazy! I even considered to return the Flex-3000 after a week of tries and more than U$100 spent in cables. I even removed almost everything from Windows 7, stopped lots of services and antivirus with no luck. I tried 3 different cables, including two high quality Granite cables without any improvement.

Looks like I was alone with this very rare combination and found nothing at this forum or even in the web. I´m using a very fast quad core iMac but with Windows 7 via Boot Camp.

What I did:

I realized the problem was less frequent when using to talk instead just listening. So I started to suspect about some kind of power save mode. But I already changed some settings some days with no effect. My screen saver, sleep mode was turned off and nothing. So I decided to get a stopwatch and measure the time to freeze. Well, after I leave the mouse alone and not touching the PC anymore, after exactly 10 minutes PowereSDR freezes.

So I started to look in all settings and took this patch:

1) Right click with the mouse on desktop;
2) Personalize;
3) Screen Saver;
4) Change Power Settings;
5) Change Plan Settings in Balanced;
6) Change Advanced Power Settings;
7) PCI Express
8) Link State Power Management and turned off.

Bingo! Not a single problem anymore! I can use either my old cable or the Granite with the adapter in any Flex Mode with no freezes at all.

73/PY2JF - João Roberto

73/PY2JF - João Roberto

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Posted Monday, February 4, 2013 4:14 AM
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I have the same issue and I still can not resolve it .

loft paris
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Posted Tuesday, February 5, 2013 11:30 AM
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Sounds like you may have a program that is going to the Internet for an update, maybe Norton or McAfee. both are notorious for constant updating, but other do that too. This maybe creating large DPCs (deferred procedure call) , that is causing PowerSDR to stop. Since we are streaming constant data in real time, any disruption to the computer is a bad thing. Here is an article that show how to use the built in DPC checker.


There is also a more detailed program that you can load also from Resplemdemce


This will give you more details as to what program/driver/device may be causing large DPCs

I iMacs be sure to

Disable the Wireless NIC in Windows Device manager

To have downloaded the CURRENT and LATEST version of BootCamp. Just updating is not enough, download their latest version .

Use the Legacy version of the FireWire controller.

Have the latest video driver version.

Be sure to have the Power Options in Windows set to "High Performance"

Run the DPC checker, under 1000us is good, any spikes over 2000us is a concern, Over 4000us is a real problem.

Hope this helps.



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Posted Wednesday, March 6, 2013 7:20 AM
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I have been using the Flex 3000 now for about 18 months with no problems. All of a sudden, while I'm listening, the software starts to go pop pop then I get a window saying PowerSDR has stopped working. I restart and I get a popup that says you need to update firmware. I have PowerSDR installed on another computer as a back up so I change the fire-wire cable to that desktop. It works flawlessly. I go back to the first computer and continue to trouble shoot for about 3-4 hours, no progress. I have a extra fire wire PCI card laying around so I install another card in the computer having issues. it works fine now. Boom. Bad fire-wire PCI card.

I'm lucky to be such a computer nutcase (I've owned about 50 or so in my lifetime) and have an extra desktop with similar configurations (the backup computer has much more muscle but I use the old one because I'm too lazy to transfer all of my amateur radio stuff to the newer one). So, it was easy for me just to try another desktop to help in the troubleshooting. I have to wonder how many folks who only have one desktop or laptop may have returned their FLEX radio because they got so frustrated with the whole SDR concept?

Since I swapped out the old fire-wire PCI card I have had a couple of incidents where the software freezes, only when I'm transmitting phone. Not all the time. I wonder if anyone else has this issue?
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