New to me Flex5000A TX on 80/20 meters
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Posted Monday, November 26, 2012 7:33 PM
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Hello all, I'm a newbie and been playing with this Flex5000A for a week or so now. I just got the mic connected today, and it seems to be working good on all bands... except for 80 and 20 meters. The RX seems to be ok, but the audio is very low with just RX1 selected. Once I select RX2 so both are receiving (and with both band scopes), both 80/20 meter bands have audio - audio does seem to be coming in on RX2, not sure how to turn off RX1 so only RX2 is active.

Also, these two bands (80 & 20) will not transmit on SSB or CW - the rig keys, and when speaking the display "jumps" with voice same as on other bands, but there is no power going to the dummy load as indicated on an external watt meter, nor on the Flex power out meter. All other bands are just find. This is with TX active on RX1.

In TUNE mode, there is power out, but not in SSB with mic. Mic does produce power on all other bands so it does not seem to be mic or any other wiring. I suspect there is something I don't have checked somewhere in this PowerSDR V2.x version.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

73 de Ken H> K9FV

Just getting started with a Flex 5000A
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