PowerSDR and firmware installation
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Posted Friday, October 26, 2012 3:17 PM
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When installing PowerSDR 2.2.3 (and 2.0.19-RC1) and get this:
"A radio firmware update is required in order to continue.
(Looked for v2.0.7.2 and found v2.1.3.0)

Would you like to update your firmware now?
If not, PowerSDR will be closed. "

When I click yes, I get this:
" The firmware revision chosen does not meet the requirements of this
version of PowerSDR. Please obtain firmware version v2.0.7.2 and try again. "

The release notes for 2.2.3 says that if I did not have a previous version of 2.x then I must first upgrade to 1.18.6 and associated firmware and drivers. One of the documents says that you use the PowerSDR installer to install firmware to the radio, but if that fails (as it is for me) what do I do next?
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Posted Saturday, October 27, 2012 12:10 AM
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You didn't say what kind of computer Laptop or PC. I had that problem I'm using a PC windows 7 64 byte with 8 geg ram . Turn out to be the firewire card was wrong chip set. I was using express pci slot. When I order new card ordered one for a pci slot. Now all works perfect.

SIIG 3-port PCI 1394 FireWire Adapter - 3 x IEEE 1394a FireWire External - Plug-in Card - NN-400012-S8

The card is about $30.00 or less

Jim w4wwj



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