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Posted Friday, October 19, 2012 11:52 AM
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Is there a documented procedure for setting up a Flex-3000 to interface with LogWindow logging software? Specifically, Flex-3000 providing frequency information to Logwindow software.
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Posted Saturday, October 20, 2012 3:53 AM
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Don´t know this LogWindow software but i take a look to the homepage. PowerSDR is not in the list of supported transceivers but there is a Kenwood TS50S in ..... so you may try following procedure:

Create a pair of virtual COM ports with VSPMgr or others like this. I´m using COM 10/11 for CAT ....

Open PowerSDR, go to Setup/CAT Control. Set COM port for cat to COM 10 (example) and enable CAT. Set ID (in the same menu right side) from PowerSDR to TS50S .....

In LogWindow you have to set COM port for CAT to COM 11 (example) ..... I don´t know where to set CAT in LogWindow but i´m sure you´ll find out.

Try this procedure and tell how it works .... 73´s

Call: DF5WW (Class A) ... OP: Juergen (Joe) .... Rig: Only QRP with Flex 1,5k and 2 x 25 m folded doublet with balance feedline for all bands (under the roof). Also a 10,3 m Quadloop for 10 and 6 ... feeded with ladderline too and also under the roof.
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