Audio gain level in PSK
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Posted Saturday, October 6, 2012 7:47 PM
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Using Digipan with FLEX-1500. DIGU button selected. With the transmitting running and with the main freq set to 14.070 and audio set to 1800hz (14.071800mhz), the spectrum, as shown on the FLEX, looks normal. Moving the audio freq to 2000HZ (14.072000MHZ) the spectrum looks poor. My interpretation is there is some wide band noise along with the desired signal filling the whole filter width display (2700hz wide) as set by the 'low' and 'high' buttons in the lower right corner of the DUI. In Setup/Transmitter the the transmit filter is set to 200hz x 3500hz. All audio below the approx 1800hz level is good and all above 2000hz is poor. In between is grey area or the condition is changing from good to bad & bad to good. i.e. it is not a step function.

If this is clear to anybody but me maybe you have a hint as to what is going on. There may be nothing wrong but it looks and sounds unhealhy.

Any questions, pse ask.

Vern W9HLY

Vern TU
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