noise at 1 kHz spacing
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Posted Monday, September 10, 2012 12:56 PM
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Just applying some basic trouble shooting skills here..don't own a FLEX yet..

Easy check would be to remove your antenna and see if these spikes remain. If they disappear, then the noise is being generated from some outside source and being picked up by your antenna. Things (like PS switchers) generate square waves that create harmonics into the VHF region.

One way to troubleshoot to get a small portable AM radio(tune to bottom of band) and move it around until you pick up the 'hash' A portable loop antenna connected to your radio would work, too. If you find it's your neighbor's devices that is creating the noise (like their plasma TV, etc., ), then it can be a rather tough item to deal with.

If the noise remains after you disconnect the antenna, then your own radio is generating them. To be sure, one can terminate the antenna jack on the radio with a 50 ohm shielded termination resister..

Hope that helps!
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