CW Skimmer and PowerSDR - working at last
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Posted Monday, July 9, 2012 4:18 AM
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I have the following working setup for CW Skimmer:

CW Skimmer works with my following hardware and software setup:

- PC: Sony notebook VPCF23A9E
- CPU: Intel i7-2670QM 2,2 GHz - 6GB RAM
- OS: Windows 7 64bit

- Flex-3000

- PowerSDR 2.3.5
- MiniDeluxe 1.0.4560.32438
- VAC by Eugene Muzychenko (licence needed)
- VSPE 0.938.4.846 by eterlogic (64bit version, licence needed. 32bit version is free)
- HRD Digital Master 780 Build 3349
- HRD Logbook

- CW Skimmer 1.71 (licence needed) and Aggregator 2.1

With this setup and all programs running CPU load does not exceed 30 percent.

Be careful how and where you create COM ports as Windows can easily
be crashed by COM ports having the same numbers.
I tend to use COM port numbers above 10 as I have some USB-serial cables,
Flex control etc. below that. There is a very useful small and free (!) software
called "Fujitsu serial port viewer and terminal" version 4.9 which shows all
your serial ports:

Steps to setup software

1. Start PowerSDR
2. Create a CAT port (COM 17, baud rate 57600)
3. With VSPE create a virtual COM port (17)
4. With VSPE create a splitter COM 17 => COM 7
5. Now you can use COM 7 for MiniDeluxe, CW-Skimmer and Bob Meters for example (all programs use the SAME virtual COM port 7!!!)
6. In CW Skimmer set: settings - radio - SoftRock IF - sampling rate 96 kHz
7. In CW Skimmer set: settings - audio - Sound Card Driver WDM - Signal I/O FlexRadio Audio - Audio I/O (your speaker)
8. In CW Skimmer set: settings - CAT - Cnfigure - RIG 1: PowerSDR - COM7 - baud rate 57600 - RTS handshake - DTR high

That should do it: CW Skimmer runs and using the Aggregator from the reverse beacon network website

you can send all your CW stations to the RBN.

Now a last word about PC's, CPUs and OS:

1. Flex Radios are not cheap, so why use a cheap computer?
2. Aim for the fastest CPU, biggest memory and fastest harddisk or SSD you can lay your hands on
3. I know that there are people who are glad to get along with CPU loads of 90% but 30-40% have a big margin above...
4. Firewire works well with Sony notebooks, I don't know about others. Feedback welcome!
5. Windows is far from perfect as an OS, Linux would be much better, but because of missing firewire drivers we're stuck with Windows
6. Look at those latency times


Thanks to: Dave W0DHB, Lars DL4JLM, Klaus DK7XL and a lot of other OM who
helped set me right about COM ports and splitters and my faults, hi...

Vy 73, Alex DH2ID

providentiae memor!
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