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Posted Saturday, May 12, 2012 8:54 AM
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Hi there all,
after having the flex pulled apart to repair the 20 m output filter, I was looking at the utilux dc connection, these things are really hard to obtain in Australia I never liked the connection right from the first time my eyes laid on it, the standard connection in my eyes for radios and good DC connections are the Anderson Power Poles, they are easy to find, make off, and are a very positive connection.
During the time the radio was pulled into 100 plus parts I decided the time was right, after removing the old DC connection a smile started on my face, now I must warn it you do this it is at your own risk, I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE AND FLEX AS WELL they are the good guys, I used 2 red and 2 black, small pieces of copper solid wire where used from the crimp / soldered to the board this will use a lot of the room.

Now making more cables is easy as pi it was a good mod. only if more manufactures used them on radios.

These are the connections



PS I also removed the SO 259 connections and installed silver plated hi-quality N-Types
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