What is best Win 7 audio default setting override setting
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Posted Tuesday, November 29, 2011 2:05 PM
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When following the Wiki post and links for setting up VAC, it leads me to a description of how Windows 7 (and Vista) have modified thinks to default sound devices to 44.1 kHz. The text goes on to describe how to override that for VAC in a sound manager area.

My confusion is, at the beginning of the article, they mention that 48000, single channel (not stereo) is best. But at the end of the article, where it describes the override settings, they set it to two channels. ??

Also, is more better if the other app has a drop down for it. that is, if the apps I'm going to use have a drop down choice of 96K, should I set for that instead of 48K.  I can see it could get messy if various digital apps have different limits (48K vs 96K, 8 bit, 16 bit, 24 bit).

If there is not that much "quality" difference between 48 and 96, I'm guessing the more universal (48K?) would be less hassle?

Finally, I also have a soundblaster 24 bit external box from yesteryear. Is the audio card in the Flex 3K leaps and leaps ahead of it - or would it be worth keeping around so I could feed non-SDR rig audio via it to different apps - again, trying to minimize sound setting adjustments.

Thank you for any advice.

73, Paul, K7NHB

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