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Posted Saturday, November 19, 2011 6:37 PM
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I'm anticipating numerous questions about how to get changes in the Flex radios to cover the approx Dec16th improvements to 60M.

I will attempt to provide a basic overview of the
changes and rules in plain language, as they apply to the
Amateur Radio Service in USA. See the synopsis
below, but please rely only upon the actual FCC rules.

Bonnie Crystal KQ6XA

USA's Federal Communications Commission
released a REPORT AND ORDER on November 18, 2011
with new 5MHz rules for the Amateur Radio Service.
The effective date: 30 days after publication in the Federal Register.

The FCC adopted the use of the name "60 meter band",
to refer to 5MHz amateur radio in the frequency
range 5330.5-5406.4 kHz, but USA hams are still only
allowed to transmit on 5 specific channels in the band.

The FCC changed the rules to allow:
Phone (Upper Sideband), RTTY, Data, and CW;
with specific limitations on the use of these modes.

Amateur radio is a "secondary user" in this band, and
must not cause harmful interference to other services!
Amateur Radio Service must accept interference from
other primary services and other nations services.

Operators transmitting data or RTTY must exercise care
to limit the length of transmission so as to avoid
causing harmful interference to US Government stations.

New 60 meter band 5MHz Channel List:
General, Advanced, or Amateur Extra Class license only.

VFO Dial freq
5330.5 kHz USB (center of channel = 5332.0)
5346.5 kHz USB (center of channel = 5348.0)
5357.0 kHz USB (center of channel = 5358.5) New!
5371.5 kHz USB (center of channel = 5373.0)
5403.5 kHz USB (center of channel = 5405.0)

Note: FCC deleted the channel at 5366.5 USB (center=5368.0)
and "replaced" it with channel 5357.0 kHz USB (center=5358.5)

The maximum allowed power level is now 100Watts PEP (ERP)
effective radiated power referenced to a dipole.
If another type of antenna is used, the station licensee
must maintain a record of either the antenna manufacturer’s
data on the antenna gain or calculations of the antenna gain.

Upper SideBand Phone, Data, or RTTY transmissions
may use dial (VFO) USB suppressed carrier frequency
at 1.5kHz below the center of the channel.

Transmissions must not exceed the 2.8kHz bandwidth channel.
RTTY modes such as PSK31 must not exceed 60Hz necessary
bandwidth. Data modes must not exceed 2.8kHz bandwidth.
CW bandwidth must not exceed 150Hz bandwidth and the CW
frequency should be at the center of the channel.

Data stations operating under section § 97.221
automatically controlled digital station, are not
allowed on these 5MHz channels.
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Posted Friday, November 25, 2011 6:00 PM
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That will be nice but the new Channel will not let me trx with my flex. Think flex is going to come up with a fix on this, and what about digitial mode like psk that will be there . That will not work eighter at the present time. My rig is a SDR-1000 .
Anybody check there rig and see if it work on the new frequency?

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Posted Sunday, November 27, 2011 4:49 PM
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They will work I'm sure when the time to be able to use the new channel is in fact legal.

I think Flex will have the updates ready when the date is legal for us U.S. operators to infact use the new channel and digital modes. I would not count on there being a release before that time! as if you are trying and succeed to operate the new channel and or digital modes now you are in violation of the 60M operating previlages.








as stated in both of those doucments the changes will not take effect or be legal until

30 days after publication in the Federal Register.


There has been a lot of postings on the flex reflector and other sites, but it seems a lot of users are jumping the starting gun with thinking they can go and operate the new channel and use digital modes there now, as that is NOT the CASE!


hopefully reading either of the links will help resolve some of the rummors and mis conceptions of when and what is allowed on 60M.





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