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Posted Sunday, October 23, 2011 5:34 PM
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For sale a SDR1000 with the 100 watt power amplifier installed from the factory. It has never seen any smoking in its lifetime. It is in pristine condition as shown by the photo. Included are the Edirol FA-66 Sound card shown in photo( with manual, original carton, CD, power supply and firewire cable )which really made the 1k work great, the Flex proprietary Parallel to USB adapter cable ( VERY RARE and no longer available the Parallel cable,all cabling which was also purchased from Flex Radio Systems and the cable to connect the W2IHY 8 band eq and/or EQ Plus to the Flex and the PTT line too  made by W2IHY( obviously, no W2IHY equipment is included just the cable). I also have a line to key your linear amplifier which will be sent to you along with a printed manual and the shipping carton.This is one of the last made so all updates were incorporated. It works great. I will double box and pack this professionally at my expense. Buyer to pay for actual UPS ground shipping cost and any insurance desired by Buyer. I will only charge you my cost for UPS ground. Also, see the reviews of this rig with the FA66 and you will know that it is among the very best ever produced. $800 + Shipping Firm

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