WOW what an Improvent! Flex 3000 over the FT-2000
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WOW what an Improvent! Flex 3000 over the... Expand / Collapse
Posted Monday, October 3, 2011 9:28 AM
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Got the Flex 3000 last week very easy setup.

Running the newest PowerSDR release.

After a few helpful hints and tips on getting going from all the available support options from flex users/forums and groups.

I will say there is no comparison on receive between the FT-2000 and Flex 3000 NONE! The Flex is a MUCH more sensitive and definitely a hell of a lot quieter on receive.

I got to use the new feature of multiple notch filtering over this past weekend with all the contest activity on 10M moving close in on T32C and a couple other DX expeditions , after a few clicks and some filtering changes those interfering QRM stations were gone!

Having had an FT-2000 I can without a doubt say it can't touch or even come close to that ability on an Flex!

The PowerSDR software and exceptional layout and ease of use it's features is much easier to use than any menu driven radio by a long shot!.

20-30 minutes after use I never once looked or reached for a knob for anything!

And it seems from what I have experienced, read and found from flex users it only gets better!

I wish I had bought a Flex to begin with, I could have saved allot of money/time and frustrations!

Looking to get the Little Flex-1500 next and will use it for field day what better way to rack up some points than a High Performance QRP rig running on a battery and solar power working all the digital modes!

Thanks to Flex Radio Systems and all the extremely helpful Flex users!



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Posted Wednesday, October 5, 2011 6:41 PM
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The 2000 apparently (according to reviews) the FT-2000 had some inherent problems like noisy or failing RF Amplifiers and poor back-plane bonding. Its a shame really that such an otherwise fine piece of engineering seemingly had these problems, apparently the available upgrades improves the radio a lot.

Enjoy your 3000...

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