External speaker solution with new Dell monitor/display
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Posted Friday, September 9, 2011 5:37 AM
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I am rather new to the Flex family - bought a 5000A this past May 2011, and shortly thereafter bought the 1500A and 3000A. One of the shortcomings I found, was the need for external powered speakers, which resulted in a mess of wires and speakers on my operating desk. I bought a pair of Bose companion II speakers for my Flex rigs, and while they sounded good, I was still not satisfied with the mess on my desk.

I had also bought a new Dell 23 " LED display to use with my Flex setup - a wonderful display. While browsing accessories for this display, I noted that an attachable powered "soundbar" speaker, was available for these newer Dell monitors. They were priced well - only about $ 25.00, so I ordered one from the USA through my local dealer.

It arrived this morning, and I quickly installed it - it slides into place under the bottom of the Dell, and has a short pigtail DC power cable, and a stereo speaker lead. I hooked up the supplied wallwart switch-mode power supply, and switched on, using the ON/OFF volume control knob on the right side of the sound bar. I noticed an increase in hash of 10 dbm on the 40 meter band. This was not a problem for me, as I was not interested in running a separate power supply for this speaker anyway. I cut off the wallwart, and installed a pair of powerpole connectors. I then plugged the DC cable into my station power supply - which also powers the Flex 3000. Problem solved....no hash at all. Sound is excellent - as good as the Bose, and there is plenty of AF gain - I only use the volume control on the soundbar at 50 %, and on PowerSDR at around 15 % for comfortable listening. I then transmitted 100 watts on several bands - NO RFI at all (this without me taking any extra precautions with grounding). The speakers were dead silent when transmitting at full power. They are stereo, and sound good when toggling the "BIN" button on the PowerSDR.

I hope this can help other users WRT powered speakers, that happen to use the newer Dell range of monitors. They are way cheaper than using a Bose speaker, sound just as good, and the big plus for me - no more mess of wires/cables/speakers all over the desk.

The Dell part number for this accessory is defined as: DELL - AX510PA SOUNDBAR SPEAKER, and the DELL monitor I am using is the DELL ST2320L LED display.

Oh, setup is an Apple MacMini computer with 8 GB RAM and Windows 7 64 bit running under bootcamp


John - ZS5J and C91J

Here are pictures of the Dell soundbar (powered stereo speakers), attached at the bottom of the display. MUCH neater than having speakers and cables running around the desk. This is not in my shack - while experimenting with my Flex radio's I have them setup in an adjacent room. Oh - I really like that new Jetstream power supply - JTPS31MB, 30 amps in such a small neat package, and no RFI that I can see.

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