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Posted Thursday, August 18, 2011 10:26 PM
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I'm running PSDR 2.1.5 and have noticed something strange (to me, anyway) when I click the 0 Beat button. I can be tuned to a CW signal, click the zero beat button and it centers the signal in the passband. If I click it again, it changes. If I keep clicking the button the tone changes a little every time I click it. How can I tell when I'm really zero beat with the guy if it moves around when I click the button?

It doesn't move very far, probably not enough to matter to the guy on the other end, but it seems to be when I'm zero beat and click the button again it should stay in the same place. I don't remember if this happened or not with 2.0.22 or with my 1500, I'm using a 3000 now. Not a big deal, just not the behavior I expected.

Kerry, WD5ABC
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