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Posted Wednesday, July 27, 2011 7:46 AM
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OK, it was a long wait but when I discovered Flex Radio came out with v2.1.15, needless to say, it was downloaded in a matter of minutes.  It is best to print out any instructions and continue from there.  What a great feeling when one monitor lit up with the new SDR software.  Everything worked fine and even the 2 meter beacons were stronger. I'm like a kid with a new toy since it took a few months waiting for v2.1.15 but was able to utilize the HF bands during that time.  Am setting up for satellite operations using separate 144, 432 beams.  I like the ability to have an unlimited data base for FM channels etc. 
My problem before v2.1.15 came out was low output power on 144/432 (less than 20 watts) and the fan running at full speed.  Now it has almost exactly 60 watts out on V and U.  My Tokyo amplifier works terrific using 20 watts to drive it.  There is so much to learn now but luckily am retired and have the time. 

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