Problems with Intel Enhanced Speedstep Technology - PowerSDR 5000A
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Posted Wednesday, July 13, 2011 11:17 PM
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Pretty sure this is a Windows 7 or Dell BIOS problem but may one of you have run into it.

Running latest PowerSDR on Dell D630 laptop running Win 7 Ultimate with all updates and most recent A17 BIOS. It is a Core 2 Duo 2GHz with 4GB RAM. PowerSDR Buffer: 2048, Sample Rate: 96,000.

Running a remote base so I also have to run logmein and Skype concurrently. Antivirus and malware protection is disabled to save CPU cycles.

Speedstep is a feature that throttles the CPU down to save batteries. Mine is getting throttled down to as little as 800MHz so the CPU usage goes through the roof and at 100% PowerSDR 2.0.22 starts stuttering. I have set Windows 7 to High Performance mode, with min and max allowed processor at 100% while on AC or batteries. Yet HWinfo32 software lists the CPU "Current Performance Mode" as being "Reduced State (1)." You can disable Speedstep in BIOS but then it defaults to its slowest speed, so that won't work.

CPU is capable of running as hot as 100C. It is currently running about 70C. The fan is running. I cleaned it just to be sure.

What have I missed? Need a computer guru! HI Thanks, Steve
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