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Posted Tuesday, July 12, 2011 11:14 AM
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I've had my Flex 3000 about a month now and everything seems to be working fine (with a few caveats which I'll address in a separate post!). Of course, I went through numerous growing pains and mis-steps, but it's all good. I use it strictly for digital, tied to DM780 and after adding the extra virtual cable for the PTT, it seems to be doing dandy.

That said, after re-reading post after post and wearing out the manual, I started to wonder about why everyone said to set up the VSPe with comports 7 and 17 (or similar). When I set VSPe up, it only asked for one com port....so I set up a second one with the appropriate number. Didn't need it, but I did it because I was "supposed to". By now I imagine a couple of you have figured out that I set up a pair of "connectors", not a single "pair"! Sheesh. I'm too old for this!

My set up seems to work great with a single "connector" between HRD and PowerSDR. So my question is: What are the advantages/disadvantages of a "connector" vs a "pair"?

Nothing worse than an old newbie!

Tery Johns
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