Flex5000A - Receiver freezes.
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Posted Monday, July 4, 2011 12:21 AM
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Flex5000A - Receiver freezes.
I recently had to re-install Windows 7 on a new HD, as my old drive failed. I took the latest software from the Flex site, but now I have a problem, that never happened with the previous software.

My Flex5000A works normally, for awhile, sometimes a few minutes, but then, suddenly, with no warning, the receiver freezes; that is, when I try to change frequency using any method (mouse, keyboard), the visible interface shows that the frequency is being changed, but the signal being heard remains - the receiver is frozen on that frequency.
RX-2 in sync mode exhibits the same problem. Even if I change bands, the signal coming through is the same one; antenna changes, but the same signal is still coming through.

I have tried to clear the problem by restarting PowerSDR2.0.22 but, after restarting, the receiver is still frozen. The only way to get the receiver moving again is to restart the box.

I have re-installed software twice now, but the problem keeps occurring.

I also switched to my old Windows XP system, but the problem also occurred.

It looks like it might be hardware.

My setup: Windows 7 64 bit O/S, Intel Core 2 Quad PC 2.4GHz 8.0GB RAM.
PowerSDR 2.0.22. Driver: FlexRadio


Marvin VE6MRV, Edmonton

Marvin VE6MRV
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Posted Monday, July 4, 2011 10:27 AM
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Hi Marvin,

One thing you might check is the mode that PSDR is running in. My computer does very well when running the latency checker, and the Flex utility always suggests running in "Normal Mode", however, I experienced freeze-ups such as you described at times. Occasionally, when I made setting changes in PSDR and closed the menu PSDR would simply close down and disappear from the desktop. Moving to "Safe Mode 1" resolved things for me, however, in the interest of stability, I run mine in "Safe Mode 2" and have never experienced any freeze-ups or hiccups again over the past year.

It might be worth experimenting with.



[Flex 5000A]
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