Flex-3000 / PowerSDR freezing
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Posted Wednesday, June 29, 2011 1:19 PM
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I have had my Flex-3000 for about a week. Use the PowerSDR along with DM780 for
the digital modes. Up until yesterday it worked perfectly.

Last night when I was on 20 meters PowerSDR would freeze for about 5 seconds and
then the DM780 waterfall would show a loss of all signals.
The PowerSDR was still powered on, but not receiving and if I tried to transmit
it showed zero RF output.

Changing bands from 20 meters to another band did not correct the problem. I had
to power down the PowerSDR app and close, then reopen the PowerSDR application
before normal operation was resumed.

PowerSDR wold repeat this loss of signal and no RF over and over every few

Any idea what would cause this type of problem? I'm running PowerSDR on a iMac
under the latest version of boot camp with Windows 7 32 bit version. My latency
when I checked was 212 at the highest reading, most times it would be under 200.

When PowerSDr freezes up, everything else is still working normally and DM789
and the log program work normally.

Thanks Les KA0MCS

Thanks Les de KA0MCS
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