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Posted Wednesday, March 2, 2011 2:55 PM
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I'd been following the development of PSDR v1.19 Alpha "Pretty Betty" for some time but didn't want to mess with it since my PSDR v1.18.6 was working so well. I'm a believer "if it ain't broke, don't break it". However, when I saw PSDR v2.0.19 RC1 (the improved "Pretty Betty") on the Flex Systems website with the all-in-one installer file I took the plunge. I'm glad I did. I'm running a home brew PC with tons of horsepower and Win XP Pro OS.

I try to be very thorough and methodical when I make these major changes. Here's some tips I can recommend for a smooth uninstall and reinstall:

1) The release notes strongly recommend that you do not import the database from a prior version of PSDR once you've installed the new version. So, I did about
20 or so screen shots while my PSDR v1.18.6 was open of all the band screens, menus and tabs. These came in handy when I set up all my preferences after PSDR v2.0.19 was installed.

2) When I first launched the installer I didn't get the REMOVE option. So, I figured it was looking for an older version of PSDR v2.X which I didn't have installed. So, I backed out of the installer and manually uninstalled both the PSDR v1.18.6 program and the Flex Firewire driver and rebooted.

3) After reboot I ran the installer and everything installed smoothly. A window popped up near the end recommending installing MS Hotfix KB955408 which I already had so I installed that before rebooting again.

4) After this second reboot I powered up the Flex 3000 and went through the three Flex Firewire driver installations as is normal with Win XP.

5) I was now ready to fire up the PSDR v2.0.19 program. It launched perfectly and went through a ton of first time calibrations. Closed the program and reopened it and "Pretty Betty" was before my eyes!

6) I spent the next hour or so updating all my preferences, menus and tabs using the screen shots I had taken earlier. When I was done I exported the database for safe keeping.

I hope this helps anyone else thinking of upgrading to this new PSDR version.

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