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Posted Sunday, February 6, 2011 9:13 AM
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How about a programming thread where we can ask question, and share knowledge on developing Flex Apps?   I have a couple of ideas but need help on comunicating via the USB to the flex. 

Maybe a central download spot call Flex Apps.  Anyway that is to come later. 

Any programmers out there who would like to develop side apps for the Flex radios.  I am getting ready to write a database editor for people who do not know XML.  I guess the name will be FlexEdit.

Another project to experiment with is a side app that stores favorite frequency (ie  nets) where the user can press a button and the radio changes frequencies to that net.  This app would be a stand alone app that you start up after the flex to comunicate to the flex.

I know there are software packages out there that do that, but I consider those complex and sometimes unfriendly to some of Hams in the community.  Not all of the ham operaters grew up in the computer generation.  Another point some those programs are just too huge in code wise and system resources. 

I am thinking of software for the flex only, that way it is easlier to setup, and to put out mass software.  So this is a call to all programmers.  C# express is free from microsoft for the non C# programmers.

David KJ4YQK

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