10 MHz OCXO Connection Information Needed
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Posted Sunday, January 23, 2011 7:57 PM
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Hello and good day.

I recently bought a Flex 1000 and have enjoyed this new to me system. A very different world than my conventional radios.

I wish to interface a high stability 10 MHz external OCXO to this radio for greater frequency stability. I want to connect this to my 1296 MHz transverter.

I have spent considerable time searching for information related to this modification, but have found nothing specific.

Can anyone please steer me to a source of information to help me complete this task?

I do not know what level of signal is intended to be injected instead of the internal 200 MHz clock, and if a sine or square or either input signal at 10 MHz will work?

Also the internal clock needs to be removed, but I can find no specific information on this.

Thank you.


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Posted Sunday, January 23, 2011 9:53 PM



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The external clock kit is no longer available for the SDR-1000, but here is the info on installing it. It is an article in the Knowledge Base.

Incidentally, if you are looking for a transverter IF, the FLEX-1500 is what you should have probably invested in. It was designed to be an IF. The SDR-1000 is out of production and the most stable software to use with it is the older 1.18.6 version of PowerSDR.

Tim - W4TME
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