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Posted Friday, December 31, 2010 1:46 PM
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The noise Issue

I woke up this morning not feeling quite as excitable as I was last night.  Yesterday, I had both the VAC issue and this noise/interference sound coming from the radio and I wasn't too happy about it.  The noise sound would go away when I quickly stopped/started the software but would return in a matter of a couple minutes.  Later, I uninstalled everything including the firmware, vac and PSDR, rebooted and reloaded it all back up.  (NOTE: This problem is not related to VAC) By 9:00pm last night I think the noise issue has been eliminated but I haven't had much time on the radio today to test further.


I finally figured out the instructions on how to download VAC 4.09.  It is necessary to include the "VAC" before the "409full_signed" so it should look like "vac409full_signed.zip" in the private URL.  OK I have that out of the way.

I loaded VAC 4.09 and, without checking your setups, started PSDR 1.18.6 and DM780.  It is now working as it should.  EXCELLENT!!!  I will look over your setups and compare and adjust as necessary.

So, the issue is VAC v4.10 was not stable on my installation. v4.09 should be used.

I appreciat the help from both you and Tom.  I hope now I can move on and play.  Thank you both!! 


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Posted Sunday, June 19, 2011 6:15 PM
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Whatever the bug(s) may be in 4.10, no problems have appeared (there I go... jinxing myself) in my Win-7 system using 4.10 (downloaded and installed within the past month). the only thing I have noticed was some noise that was corrected by switching the "Start" off and then back on - this has happened twice within the past month.

Has the author fixed the problem(s) in the latest releases of 4.10, or am I just lucky so far?

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