Is SDR-DSP clearly superior to analog for weak signal CW work?
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Posted Tuesday, December 21, 2010 11:59 PM
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I'm interested in what DSP can do to pull a weak CW (or whatever) signal out of the noise. Reading about Linrad has especially fascinated me. It seems to be the consensus (based on many things I've read in the past couple of weeks) that it's the best weak-signal DSP software available. And it certainly amazes me how dedicated (not to mention intelligent) the author is!

I don't know where Flex radios fit in, whether they support Linrad, whether it can do its thing with other software beside Linrad, or whether it's not any better than the best analog equipment for copying a very weak solo CW signal at or below the noise level.

I started a couple of threads on some popular forums, as an investigation into whether DSP/SDR can do what analog filters cannot.

Some say DSP software cannot exceed what analog rigs and the ear/brain combo can do. I have no commercial interest in either SDR hardware or DSP software. I just want to know the facts.

I would appreciate any and all feedback about this subject. Here's the threads: (main thread),72452.0.html (started by someone else) (started by someone else)

It might be best if you could post your comments to , but whatever feedback you could provide would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
73, Mike

73 Mike
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