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Posted Sunday, August 29, 2010 6:49 PM
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Well, here is the short story. I ordered my Flex 5000A online, received my confirmation email within a few minutes, and much to my surprise, within 24 hours I received a shipping notification and tracking number. Three days later, at 10:45 AM, it was sitting on my kitchen table. I brought it up to the operating bench and unpacked it, unfolded the quick start guide, and moved my beloved ICOM Pro III out of its position. The Flex 5000A was positioned and connected up to the usual radio stuff, including a 3-500 amplifier and an AT-Auto. I heeded the warnings and made sure the firewire cable was carefully inserted the correct way. Then feeling adventurous, I decided to go with the 2.06 beta install suite downloaded from the Flex page. The installation program flawlessly installed a series of drivers (with no surprises), the Flex configuration utility, and PSDR 2.06. When I attempted to run PSDR 2.06, it informed me that I needed to install the newest firmware that was included as part of the 2.06 package. Using the Flex Configuration Utility, the firmware was updated, then PSDR 2.06 did its first time read and loaded up fine. I checked my audio sampling rate and buffer size, then pressed "Start" and I was up and running, a bit less than 45 minutes after the package arrived. I made a quick contact, and realized the Pro III would never again occupy its spot on the operating bench.

So, the short story is, I bought the Flex, it arrived promptly, it installed flawlessly, and I have enjoyed it immensely from 160 - 6 meters and everywhere in between. It produces very smooth full-body transmit audio on SSB/AM/FM and beautiful receive audio. I use the Bose Companion 2 (Series 2) powered speakers with it and they produce the big Wurlitzer jukebox sound when listening to the AM broadcast band or shortwave. Straight key CW and the built-in keyboard CW are working cleanly here. I'm no speed demon, and don't run break-in, so it seems to work fine for my needs. I am now using PSDR 2.08 beta and it's running smoothly, except for an occasional glitch when doing a record/playback over the air.

I have found operating to be very enjoyable with this rig. There's a lot of stuff under the hood and the software lets you get in there if you want to. If you don't, the default settings will run just fine in most cases. At any rate, it's fun to use, and if a hobby isn't fun, what's the point? So the big question now is, where are the boxes my Pro III came in?


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