StarTech PCI Express to Parallel Adapter works okay
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Posted Sunday, August 15, 2010 7:09 AM
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I usually run my SDR-1000 in conjunction with a desktop computer that has a parallel port built in. However, I wanted to be able to run my SDR-1000 with a laptop computer as well.

I purchased a StarTech PCI Express-to-Parallel port adapter ($59.00 from; and installed it on my Sony laptop computer.

It works fine (at least as far as I can tell). I'm using my SDR-1000 to receive and to transmit on 75 meter AM.


Sony VAIO laptop, Intel Core Duo, Windows Vista SP2, 32bit

Sound card: M-Audio ProFire 610 (192kHz, 4 channels, M-Audio ASIO) installed on laptop.

StarTech PCI express card installed on laptop. Properties (as installed, per Windows Device Manager): Port settings - LPT Port number: LPT3. Resources - I/O range: 5000-5007; and 4000-4003

SDR-1000 setup (general/hardware menu): LPT address (manually set to): 5000.

Best regards

Stu, AB2EZ

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