2m external transverter question
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Posted Friday, April 3, 2009 4:56 AM
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hi all,

       is there anyone here that has hooked up a 2m external txvr to the sdr1000???

i have connected my xv-144 to a bnc chasis which is connected to J2 as per instructions.i've selected txvr present and no tr logic as i plan on doing ptt externally too.

on the xvtr's tab i've labled button 2m given it the LO offset and the txvr error band edge freq etc,,,,,.rx gain i'm doing via the front panel which is VAC to wsjt via DIGU.

I've selected XVTR RF TX as thats where J2 is located (?)

Power is at 100 ,,,thats confusing i thought J2 was 1mWatt (?) I can here the local 2m beacon no probs which is great.

When i grab the display screen frequency readout to move around the band i'm hearing a relay race in the pwr sdr as i move ??? have i done some thing wrong ????

please feel free to comment or give advise privately via my email,,,,there's many more things i want to move on with.



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