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Posted Sunday, March 15, 2009 6:32 PM
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In the first part of this year 2009, I was aching to try out the Flex 5000A.  I did have success using an SDR1000 running under XP on a mediocre computer but hated that hassle of wires leading to the Delta 44 external sound card.  Went ahead and ordered the 5000A since Flex Radio had a deal I couldn't pass up. The auto tuner was already installed and ordered the RX2 second receiver to install myself.  Flex Radio is very helpful when contacting them on the phone if any problem arises.  I had already purchased an ASUS Essentio Vista 64 Computer with DUO Core 2X2100 and 4 GB RAM since it is a mid size desktop which I figured would be ideal for Field Day and at my other summer location.  I was somewhat impatient attempting to get the 5000A to run with Vista 64 bit by turning off the "Signed Driver Notice" when booting up and it did work somewhat until Windows would discover it after a few boots and not allow me to continue.  Well, just the other day I discovered the new downloads, the SDR Console Version 1.16.2, the Driver Version and Firmware Version  After uninstalling the older software and rebooting, then installing the new software, I at last had success running my 5000A without any problems whatsoever.  The RX2 second receiver is a great tool being able to listen to other frequencies while busy working a contest etc.  The 5000A is referenced by my Z3801A giving me unheard of frequency stability/accuracy and can't wait until Flex comes out with their transverters which make the 5000A comparable to the best radio system on the market.

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