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Posted Sunday, February 15, 2009 9:34 AM
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I bought a used SDR-1000 (basic QRP with no ATU) and it worked great for a few days. It had all the updates including better preamp on the RFE and overload protection diodes installed at the factory. After a day or two of fun, I tuned to the Broadcast Band and was listening to a local AM station. After listening for a half hour or so I heard a sort of "hiss" in the audio that lasted a second or two. The audio dropped out and came back on. I thought the station had gone off the air temporarily and paid little attention to it. When I came back to the screen later, I noticed the signal was S-9 instead of the 40 over that it was before. BTW, I had the preamp set to low because the signal was very strong even though the station is 10mi away. When I switched back to the Ham Bands or any HF frequency, there were no signals. I can still hear strong Broadcast stations on the AM band though. Otherwise, there's lots of "noise" in the Panadapter but no signals. I have tried another Delta 44 card and no change. With my old tranceiver on dummy load, I can transmit and hear the signal on the Flex. Changing the preamp settings on the Flex does seem to affect the level of the weak received signal from my other rig, so I'm thinking it may not be the preamp. Also, when I connect and disconnect the antenna from the Flex, there is no noticable difference in noise. I have even tried using a signal generator to inject a weak signal after the bandpass board and the receiver is still almost deaf.

Help anyone?

Daryl, VE1DAS

73 Daryl

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