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Posted Sunday, September 21, 2008 9:05 AM
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At the recommendation of a ham in our radio club, I bought the Flex5000A.  Am pleased beyond belief!

1.  The filters are sharp and really eliminate a lot of QRM, escpecially on CW

2.  The noise level on all bands seems to be at an all time low with the radio.  On the 756P3, I picked up a lot of "noise" that made signals uncopyable.  The 5000A does not receive that noise...not sure why, but its a big improvement.  Am hearing signals that I would never have heard before.

3.  The CW keying is superb!  I use the MFJ keyer into the 5000A and have no lag between key press and sidetone.

4.  On phone, I typically find a signal and drag it into the passband with the mouse

5.  I bought the Griffen "wheel" for tuning; but, it really isn't needed.  The scroll wheel on a mouse works quite well...and even that isn't needed.  Dragging or pulling the display with the mouse works well.

6.  It took me about 5 minutes to get used to useing the mouse as compared to knobs.  The mouse is better.

Love the was the best choice.


K2CM, Apalachin, NY

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