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Posted Wednesday, September 3, 2008 11:20 PM
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I just re-installed my Flex 5000A (All latest everything before you ask) and it is up and running fine. I installed afresh copy of Ham radio deluxe (4.0 version) and it does not see SDR I don't see any additional Com ports active in Device manager on windows XP just the standard Com 1 is showing, with the radio up and running fine it appears it is communicating betreen the Flex and the computer (Through Firewire cable) any ideas. Does the Flex/SDR software need to show an additional com port being active when it is up and running and if so what have I miss. Prior to this all was up and running on the computer (All hardware is the same) prior to me formatting the Hard drive and installing a clean copy of Windows XP

I am selling 3 of my radios and 1ea amp to get the money to buy a Flex 5000, after playing with it at the Hunstville Hamfest I know I must Have one, I will be selling a FT-920, IC-761, Ten Tec Pegasus and an Ameritron 811H and I won't miss them !
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Posted Thursday, September 4, 2008 8:29 AM



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I am not sure I fully understand your question, so I'll attempt to answer what I thought you meant.

PowerSDR does not have com ports, so whether or not your PC has them or recognizes them is of no consequence and does not effect the operation of PowerSDR.

If you have physical comports on the PC and they are not showing up, then that is probably a driver/bios problem between your PC hardware and Windows.

If you are using virtual com ports, what software are you using? vCom or Com0Com? I can't remember if vCom displays its ports or not in Device Manager since I no longer us it. Com0Com (which is much better in my opinion) does show the com port pairs in the com0com hardware category (at the top under the computer name).

Tim - W4TME
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Posted Tuesday, October 28, 2008 7:28 AM
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Did you get it working? I have a similar problem. I can key transmit with key but not through software program. The Software, pwrsrd, switches to transmit but there is RF going out. I am using vcom with MRP40 software.

Tim W4YN

Tim W4YN/QRP in NC

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